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About Us

Our mission


Almani Lighting designs, supplies and installs finest quality LED lighting, delivering maximum energy- and cost-efficiency to commercial and industrial clients throughout the GCC region and neighbouring countries.

Our vision


We will earn our place as a global leader in LED lighting design and systems, trusted to deliver the highest quality and value every time.

Our values


The values which inspire and guide all that we do at Almani Lighting are heavily influenced by our German heritage.

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Who We Are

in all that we sell and all that we do.
if we say it, we do it.
building our business by earning trust.
listen, understand, deliver, improve.
absolute quality at a fair price.
Environmental care
respecting and protecting our planet.
individual strengths build ever-stronger teams.
to every client with 100% commitment.

Why Choose Us?

Why LED?

Lower energy bills Lower energy bills
Lower energy bills
While traditional bulbs convert around just 20% of the electrical energy they consume into light, the figure for LED is between 80-90%. That means vastly reduced energy bills!
Design flexibility Design flexibility
Design flexibility
Designers love LED because it gives infinite choice in the shape and size of fittings as well as the colour, distribution and level of light. LEDs can also be directed without external reflectors (this adds to their greater energy efficiency, too).
Cheaper replacement costs Cheaper replacement costs
Cheaper replacement costs
LED lights have a far longer lifespan than conventional bulbs and are expected to operate for up to 50,000 hours (compared with only 1,200 hours for an incandescent bulb or 8,000 hours for a CFL unit. In addition, LEDs withstand much tougher conditions than traditional options, making them an ideal choice for street lighting, runways, public spaces and other exterior applications.
Smart innovation Smart innovation
Smart innovation
LEDs open up a new world of opportunities for further cost savings as well as improving energy efficiency, service and revenue streams via smart technology. For example, think occupancy detection, photosensors and intelligent control technologies: the possibilities are boundless.
Cooler light Cooler light
Cooler light
LED emits almost no UV and only tiny amounts of infra-red light, making it the ideal choice for sensitive environments such as museums, art galleries or laboratories where UV rays and heat could risk damage.
Instant Light Instant light
Instant light
Conventional lighting often needs to 'warm up' to full brightness, but LED units give instant bright light the moment they're switched on. And no matter how often they are switched on and off, their longevity is unaffected.
Environmentally Friendly Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
LEDs are 100% recyclable. Add to this their non-toxic composition, energy efficiency, low voltage needs and longevity and the LED is a superbly 'green' alternative to traditional lighting.
Safety Safety
LED lights generate virtually no heat therefore they are cool to the touch and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched.

Our Products

We're proud to present our range of LED lighting products, each individually chosen for its excellence in quality, design, durability, energy efficiency and value. Our catalogue is constantly updated with exciting and innovative LED products, so please visit these pages frequently to see what's new.

Almani Benefits

See at a glance why working with Almani Lighting makes complete, cost-efficient sense… Here are just some of the great benefits that we’re proud to deliver to every Almani client.
benefits Almani excellence - a five-year warranty on every product
benefits Exceptional German Quality Control
benefits Zero tolerance for defects
benefits Raising the bar on quality, reliability and value
benefits LED from Almani: brighter, greener, and maximum value
benefits World-beating products, crafted to the highest standards
benefits Your ideal LED lighting partner: experienced, insightful, involved
benefits We give you the edge in LED technologies
benefits Comprehensive LED lighting services, tailored for you
benefits Standard or bespoke: we’ll work with you, your way

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Qualified Staff


Happy Clients

The Almani Approach

Our aim is to deliver the very best, every time. We work exclusively with LED lighting products sourced only from meticulously vetted suppliers who meets our high standards.

Almani Lighting have no expensive retail outlets and no middle men to inflate costs. We are the sole link between the manufacturers and you.

We aspire to offer the highest standards of customer care and service. Friendly, helpful and professional, Almani Lighting always go the extra distance to make us your global lighting partner of choice.

Quality Control

When you choose Almani Lighting for your LED projects, you choose peace of mind, quality, value and absolute reliability. With our German heritage, quality is always uppermost in our minds at Almani. It's the reason we invest a great deal of time, care and effort in making certain that you can depend on every single Almani product and service.

ribbonFive-year warranty
Testament to our passion and commitment to quality, our products all come with a full five-year warranty; we're certain that each one is the best available on the market.
shieldOur QC process
We ensure manufacturers comply with our rigorous quality standards. We test every product in our facilities in Germany and Dubai. We have our highly reputable partners such VDE and TÜV Süd to support our extensive testing operations.
likeZero tolerance for defects
We are confident that our products are of superb quality and we are committed to zero defects. We will assure that should you encounter a defect in your Almani product, we will replace it immediately.

Clients we work with

Latest Projects

TIME Oak Hotel & Suites

Hotels are always one of the biggest tourist attractions in a city, which is why LED lights played a vital role in making sure that Time Oak Hotel stands out from the rest of the ordinary architectures. Our exquisite collection of LED Lights created a serene environment to the interior of the hotel atmosphere.

Sherena Residence Dubai

Sherena Residence is a premium luxury residential apartment community located in the heart of Majan and has been developed to cater to the growing demand for Luxury Apartments in Dubai. Almani Lighting made it possible to brighten up the entire scene inside out.

Sports Park Aachen

In order to illuminate the whole ground and keep the lighting distribution symmetrical, special care was taken in the lighting design of the Sports Park. Almani Lighting has made it certain that different scenes could be created to match different game styles.



"I am glad we chose Almani Lighting for Sherena Residence! Not only were the LED lights of high quality, it also added elegance to our luxurious apartments. It was also a great thing that they were very knowledgeable in LED lights and they helped us a lot in selecting the right items for the entire building. I will definitely choose Almani Lighting for our future projects!"

Engr. Jaree Ali
Managing Partner, CVTEC Consulting Engineers
Client Image

"Almani Lighting convinced me to change our old parking lights to their own LED Tube lights and it was indeed a wise investment! Their LED Tube lights has longer life span which means lower maintenance cost for us! Also, it promotes safety and good first impression for our building. We are very happy of how well-lit our parking area is now. I have been receiving positive feedbacks from our building tenants about it."

Mr. Arindam Bose
Dubai Dar Facilities Management Manager
Client Image

"No matter the time of day, lights are always on and shining throughout a hotel. With so much electricity consumption on an hourly basis, Almani Lighting’s LED Bulbs are the solution when it comes to energy saving! It has a longer life span and they’re offering 3 years of warranty! We have installed their LED Bulbs at the lobby, corridors and rooms and we cannot be more satisfied with how it looks!"

Engr. Haider Rizvi
Materials Manager, Time Oaks Hotel & Suites
Client Image

"As a contractor, we look for better ways to save money and increase productivity. We preferred Almani Lighting to supply LED Industrial Lights for a factory that we were building for a lot of beneficial reasons like their 5 years warranty offer, they are very cost-effective, they’re water and dust proof which are an important feature to consider given the location of the factory. And lastly, they’re eco-friendly as their fixtures does not contain mercury or other heavy contaminants. We will definitely work with them again in the future!"

Engr. Prabu Rajappa
Lake Stone Contracting
Client Image

"I ordered LED Panel Lights for my office from Almani Lighting and I must say it never looked this bright before! They also had very good customer service and made sure everything was delivered on time. I am well pleased with the products and the entire team! I will highly recommend them to my friends."

Mr. Khalid Almutawa
CEO, ASAS Holdings LLC
Client Image

"Germans have always been known for doing everything with high quality, which is why we only choose the best! Almani Lighting has provided us with their exquisite collection of LED Decorative Lights, which added sophistication to the architecture of the entire office. I look forward coming to work every day now!"

Mr. Alexander Weise
CSO PharmGenomics GmbH
Client Image

"As a private home owner, I didn’t have any consultants to advise me which LED lights would be suitable for my villa. Luckily, Almani Lighting has great expertise in this area! They were very helpful and handled everything with professionalism. I would say they have raised the standards in the LED market here in Dubai and I was right to trust them into turning my house into a home!"

Mr. Khalid Abdullah
Private Sector, Dubai Resident
Client Image


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