Business to Business Portal

LED Purchasing Made Easier!

As an innovative company, we continuously strive to find ways of improving our customers’ experience and satisfaction. Our insight into the spiraling popularity of LED lighting in the market was the inspiration for our unique, B2B, LED buyers’ portal designed especially for major local and international developers.

Our unique system means you can say goodbye to time-consuming paper ordering processes, phone calls and faxes. Instead, you can place your order speedily and simply via the portal. Setting up your account is a one-step application that takes seconds. Once registered, you have access to all of our products at attractive, pre-agreed prices.

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Business to Business Portal

Enjoy all these major benefits when you choose us, the easiest and most reliable supplier in the market.

Hassle-free transactions, 24/7

Your quotes and orders are just a click or two away.

Great prices, exclusive to you

We’ll agree generous discounts upfront – no need to negotiate again and again.

Quick, easy and transparent

Trustworthy, clear and simple to use, with live online support to answer your questions.

Instant access to latest developments

No more sorting through piles of books with limited ranges… Our world-class portfolio and daily updates on latest products and technologies keep you ahead of the competition.

Free consultations

Our expert LED designers will guide and support your team ensuring best results and maximum value for your project.