The greener, cleaner, more cost-efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes.

LED batten lights are a wise replacement choice for traditional fluorescent tubes. Whether you need suspended or surface-mounted lighting, choose from our range of high-quality batten LEDs. Perfect for car parks and similar spaces that demand continuous, bright and cost-efficient light, these high quality lights are also a valuable addition to commercial, industrial or residential outdoor settings.

Why choose Almani Lighting

Top quality, world-beating products
Outstanding quality and value
A 5-year warranty on every product
Excellent service from start to finish
Helping you to protect our planet


Durable and long-lasting
Suitable for use in hot, cold or humid areas
Low heat emissions
Excellent savings in energy and costs
Instant, bright illumination

Looking for lower priced alternatives that still deliver on quality, practicality and longevity? Our CamelLED catalogue is the place to be!

timeLifespan powerPower kelvinKelvin lumensLumens

Eppingen IP20 AL-BL-1057

Starts at:
70.66 AED
time50.000 hrs
power9 – 23 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens900 – 2645
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Lebus IP65 AL-BL-0920

Starts at:
311.29 AED
time50.000 hrs
power20 – 60 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6500
lumens2405 – 8035
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Dynamo IP65 AL-BL-0674

Starts at:
353.32 AED
time50.000 hrs
power20 – 70 Watts
kelvin3000 – 5700
lumens2400 – 9800
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Toulon IP65/66 AL-BL-0646

Starts at:
475.32 AED
time50.000 hrs
power20 – 65 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6500
lumens1900 – 7150
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Blitzstadt IP65/66 AL-BL-0654

Starts at:
544.48 AED
time50.000 hrs
power30 – 65 Watts
kelvin4000 – 6000
lumens2900 – 6500
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Our catalog is constantly being updated with exciting and innovative LED products, so please visit these pages frequently to see what's new. And of course, should you want a unique solution you can rest assured that our skilled designers are always on hand to create the exact LED products you required.

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