Single- or multi-colour illumination for pathways, driveways, decking, steps and wet rooms - so many design possibilities!

Fitting neatly and unobtrusively into walkways and surfaces, LED linear in-ground lights are increasingly popular for their design flexibility as well as for subtly increasing safety.

Often associated with premium-quality architectural projects, these long-lasting and cost-efficient lights are ideal for varying the mood to match different occasions. They also offer the potential for wireless control via tablet or smartphone.

Why choose Almani Lighting

Top quality, world-beating products
Outstanding quality and value
A 5-year warranty on every product
Excellent service from start to finish
Helping you to protect our planet


Energy cost savings of up to 90%
Ideal for new installations or retrofits
Superb, instant illumination
Excellent design flexibility
LED units to suit every setting

Need a more economical option that still delivers on quality? Find just what you need in our CamelLED catalogue!

timeLifespan powerPower kelvinKelvin lumensLumens

Alzenau IP67 AL-LG-1229

Starts at:
458.34 AED
time50.000 hrs
power3 – 24 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens60 – 1720
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Gernsheim IP67 AL-LG-1121

Starts at:
721.89 AED
time50.000 hrs
power7.5 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens330 – 350
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Greding IP67 AL-LG-1122

Starts at:
1100.02 AED
time50.000 hrs
power12 – 32 Watts
kelvin0 – 6000
lumens650 – 2400
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Grabow IP68 AL-LG-1120

Starts at:
2360.45 AED
time50.000 hrs
power24 – 48 Watts
kelvin0 – 6000
lumens1600 – 3400
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Our catalog is constantly being updated with exciting and innovative LED products, so please visit these pages frequently to see what's new. And of course, should you want a unique solution you can rest assured that our skilled designers are always on hand to create the exact LED products you required.

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