Application Areas:

Voltage (V): 12V/24V DC
Power (W): 5W – 22W
Delivered Lumen (lm): 460lm – 2380lm
Lifespan (h): 50,000
Efficiency (Lm/W): 108
Beam Angle (°): 120
Warranty: 5 years
Dim Options: DALI
Material: Flexible PCB with self – adhesive 3M tape
LED Driver: Remote TRIDONIC DALI dimmable with 24V output
IP: 20/54/67/68
CRI: ≥80
CCT: 3000K – 6000K

Daaden is a flexible LED strip light, powered by super-bright EPISTAR SMD(2835) LEDs. It features the most advanced 3 Oz double layer technology, which provides better heat dissipation and increases the lifespan of LEDs. Daaden is available in various cutting unit options like 25mm, 50mm and 100mm. Aluminum profile with opal diffuser is available in different dimensions and shapes as installation accessory. Moreover, it comes with TRIDONIC or MEAN WELL drivers.

IP65 is Silicon Glue
IP67 is Silicon Tube
IP68 is Silicon Glue + Silicon Tube

Customized Packing
Normal Packing is 5 meter/roll for Anti-static foil bag, any length can be customized if required.

LED Quantity
12V DC
5W/m - 60pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 50mm)
7W/m - 120pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 25mm)
10W/m - 120pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 25mm)

24V DC

5W/m - 60pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 100mm)
7W/m - 120pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 50mm)
10W/m - 120pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 50mm)
22W/m - 240pcs SMD2835/m (cutting unit: 25mm)

LED Pitch
60pcs SMD2835/m: 16mm
120pcs SMD2835/m: 8.3mm