Application Areas:

Lifespan (h): 50,000
Warranty: 5 years
Material: UV stable PC housing & diffuser
Color: Grey
LED Driver: N/A
IP: 65

Bach is a strong and robust weatherproof fixture that comes with high-quality G13 lamp holders for T8 lamps. It is composed of UV stable, impact resistant PC housing & diffuser. Bach is available in standard sizes, with single and double lamp options. This fixture is equipped with stainless steel buckles and fixing clips for surface mounted installation. However, optional accessories are available for pendant installation.

Tube lights fixture.

Installation Method: Suspending and Ceiling Mounted.

Stainless steel clips.

Additional price for suspending metal ropes:

1 meter 3.80 AED
2 meters 7.6 AED
3 meters 11.4 AED
4 meters 15.2 AED
5 meters 19 AED