LED to Own

Get your free LED lights today!

You already know that LED lights are great for cutting energy consumption and maintenance, increasing longevity and delivering fantastic illumination and effects... So what is it that prevents people from embracing this amazing planet-friendly, cost-saving technology?

The answer is simple. Most people think that LED will cost them lots of money. But they’d be wrong… So wrong, you can’t imagine. So let me help. What if I tell you that changing your lighting setup to LED saves you up to 90% in annual energy and service costs? Sounds interesting?


LED to Own

Well how would you like a state-of-the-art LED lighting solution:


Discover how much you can save in maintenance and energy costs without investing a single dirham.


Save money and reduce your carbon footprint without any risk because our LED solution doesn’t cost you anything.


We guarantee a hassle free time with our no-quibble 6-year warranty.

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s not.

Let me explain why our concept is a no-brainer for you in just THREE simple steps.

Step 1

Almani Lighting assesses your current lighting setup and potential energy savings.

Step 2

Once our design experts have custom designed your new system, we deliver the products on time and provide full technical advice for the installer. What’s more, your products will carry a full 6-year warranty.

Step 3

With at least 50% less energy consumption and no maintenance for more than 12 years, you start saving right away.

So if we give you the lights for free and you start saving immediately without any prior investment, how do we pay our bills? It’s actually beautifully simple.

Say you start saving 70% monthly on your current bills. We’ll allocate a small portion of those savings each month to cover our costs. This means that you enjoy all the many benefits of your brand new LED lighting for less than you paid to run your old system.

The reason we can do it is simply that LED is so much cheaper to run and maintain than traditional lighting. Better still, after six years, the entire installation and every saving your LED continues to make will be yours alone.

Join our many Happy Customers and save Tens of Thoursands of Dirhams Every Year!

Cut your costs and help protect our planet: change to LED today. No need to save up.

Call (+971 4-887-3265) or email ([email protected]) us today and let's talk.