Full Site Modeling

At Almani Lighting, our LED lighting design experts offer a comprehensive 3D design for your project.

The result will be:
A Perfect Visualization of how the Building or Site will look like with our Proposed Products!

Our designs include lux distribution on ground as well as light spread on walls, surfaces and objects. We do designs for your complete project ranging from Offices to Residential blocks, Industrial buildings to Sport fields as well as Parking illumination to Street lighting.

False Colors Rendering

Almani Lighting experts provide you with 2D and 3D views with false colors rendering.

This approach gives you an idea of the lighting distribution and intensity within the space by graduating and representing them in different colors on an illuminance scale.

It shows you, how evenly the area has been illuminated which is very important for achieving desired uniformity levels.

Lights Distribution and Positioning

A 2D luminaire layout plan shows the exact location of the individual light fittings which helps you in the final installation on site.

It also indicates the direction of light emitted from luminaire.

Isolines Mapping

2D plan demonstrating the lux levels and light distribution that will be achieved on scene.
It uses contour lines to show detailed lux levels on different points within the site.

Value Grid

A 2D plan provided with lux level achieved at multiple points within the whole site/surface.
With this you can see the exact value of lux at any point.

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