Lighting Design

Full Site Modeling

See for yourself how our high quality products will add value to your site! Our skilled LED lighting designers will create a full 3D design for your project.

A perfect visualisation for probing every angle.

Your site model demonstrates lux distribution at ground level as well as light dispersal on walls, surfaces and objects.

We design superior projects for commercial, industrial and public applications from offices, retail outlets and residential blocks to sports venues, car parks and street lighting.

False Colour Rendering

False colour displays are invaluable for simulating lighting distribution and intensity across your target site.

Our design experts offer both 2D and 3D false colour views, along with all the guidance and advice you need to achieve the exact effects you’re looking for.

Lighting Layouts

Invaluable for the final installation on site, your 2D luminaire layout plan shows the precise location of every individual light fitting and the light distribution from each luminaire.

Isolines Mapping

Our accurate, 2D isoline plans give a clear and detailed picture of the relative lux levels and light distribution across your site.

Value Grid

We can supply you with value grids 2D plans that show the exact lux level achieved at any specific point across a given surface or your entire site.