Quality Assurance

WHERE your LED is made is irrelevant.
Ask instead, WHO made it?

At Almani, we are proud to be:


Rooted in our German heritage, high standards control the quality of every single LED component and unit that we produce.


Quality Assurance

Honest and Transparent

We’re happy to tell you what most LED manufacturers try to hide... It’s this: 99% of the world’s LED products are made in China, and, whatever they might pretend, every LED brand sources most of their goods there. Quite simply, that’s the truth. But we’re not like other brands.

'Made in China by Almani' means 'Made to perfection'. Made to the highest German standards. Made to perform perfectly for years and years. Guaranteed.

The Best LED Brand in the UAE

Our exceptional production standards are proof that it’s not where a product is made, but who makes it, that determines its quality. Product perfection is the only reason why we can offer a solid gold, 5-year warranty on every single Almani product.

What’s more, by manufacturing where skills are high but far less costly, and by cutting out the middle men, we also keep our prices 5-10 times lower than their European equivalents.

Highest quality, lowest prices and a 5-year warranty on every item.