Quality Control

When you choose Almani Lighting for your LED projects, you choose peace of mind, quality, value and absolute reliability.

With our German heritage, quality is always uppermost in our minds at Almani.
It's the reason we invest a great deal of time, care and effort in making certain that you can depend on every single Almani product and service.

Five-year warranty

Testament to our passion and commitment to quality, our products all come with a full five-year warranty; we're certain that each one is the best available on the market.

Our QC process

How can we be so sure about our product quality? Well, we buy only from hand-picked manufacturers, each one of which has been thoroughly vetted and is continually checked to ensure compliance with our rigorous quality standards. We accept only the very best. In addition, we test and check every product in our laboratories and testing facilities in Germany and Dubai, as well as commissioning carefully selected and highly reputable partners such VDE and TÜV Süd to support our extensive testing operations.

Zero tolerance for defects

Because we go to great lengths to test, check and monitor Almani quality, we are confident that our products are of superb quality and we are committed to zero defects. However, while we strive for perfection we know that it's never completely possible. We therefore give you our absolute assurance: should you ever encounter a defect in your Almani product, we will replace it immediately, without any hesitation. We want to know that every Almani Lighting product works hard for you and delivers on every objective – no exceptions.